samedi 10 juillet 2010

WWDay 2010 - Diana Flyes Away, Color

Original 8,5 x 11/ Original A 4

Le Wonder Woman Day (Jour de la Femme Merveille) est célébré chaque année au mois d'octobre dans deux magasins de Comics, l'un à Portland (Oregon), l'autre à Flemington (New Jersey).

Durant cet événementiel se tient une vente aux enchères de dessins originaux liés à l'univers de la plus célèbre des amazones ! Tout le monde peut y participer !

Les bénéfices de cette vente aux enchères sont ensuite redistribués à la lutte contre les violences domestiques et les abus sexuels. C'est l'occasion pour chacun de se rappeler l'importance du rôle de la femme dans la société, et pour les artistes de participer à une cause utile.

Wonder Woman, copyright DC Comics :)

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The Wonder Woman Day is celebrated every year on october, in two comic book stores, one in Portland (Oregon), and the other in Flemington (New Jersey).

During this event, a charity auction is organised to sell original drawings linked to the universe of the most famous amazon ! Everyone can participate !

The auction's benefits comes to the campaign against domestic violence ans sexual assault. It's the opportunity for each of us to remind how woman is important in our society, and for artists to participate to a useful cause.

Wonder Woman, copyright DC Comics :)

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Voici un article de M. Andy Mangels qui vous expliquera tout ! / This article, written by Mr Andy Mangels will tell you all !

Et voici l'endroit exact où vous devez envoyer vos dessins ! :) ) / And here is the precise place you must send your drawings to ! :) )

7 commentaires:

Le Vieux a dit…

Magnifique! Quelle grâce elle a la belle Diana :))

Manu Mane a dit…

Ahhh, enfin un commentaire sur cette Diana en couleurs ! Merci Vieux, je suis content qu'elle te plaise, bien qu'elle ne soit pas terminée selon moi ^^

Merci de t'être manifesté, ça m'a fait plaisir ! :)

Le blog 2 Jim a dit…

moi je dis que cette diana mérite bien d'être imprimée en format 2 metres sur 3 et sur papier glacé s'il vous plait !

Manu Mane a dit…

Ben c'est vrai qu'elle est très jolie, mais je ne suis pas parvenu à ce que je voulais réellement, je suis obligé de l'avouer (: o

J'ai essayé des choses plus complexes, mais soit ça donnait un résultat discutable sur l'écran, soit c'était mauvais sur le papier. J'en suis donc resté finalement à quelque chose de simple. Parfois on croit bien faire en en rajoutant des tonnes, et on se plante ! Exemple, j'ai voulu rajouter un flou sur l'île en arrière-plan. ça semble une bonne idée comme ça, mais le résultat était horrible, contrairement au triptyque, sur lequel il a donné un résultat très satisfaisant. J'ai donc laissé comme ça, un léger flou étant déjà obtenu par l'ajout d'un calque lumière entre le premier plan (Diana et les colombes), et l'arrière-plan. Et c'est ça qui donne la profondeur et le relief, en passant.....

Je suis très heureux de cet effet relief, c'était l'objectif le plus important pour moi, je voulais qu'elle pop to the eye comme on dit en anglais !

Themysciran Knight a dit…

A very nice take on Wonder Woman with her costume. I like how Diana is soaring over Paradise Island among the birds! She seems so taken with her ability to fly too! :) And I love how you have the Lasso of Truth looping around Wonder Woman- so graceful and wonderful!

Manu Mane a dit…

Ah, this is definately one of my favourite pieces, even if I haven't done all what I wanted with it....

It took me 6 months to characterize "my" Wonder Woman. I had a lot of hesitations and difficulties to find her. She's a very complex character, she's a princess, then a leader of state, a diplomat, she's a warrior, but first a very compassionate person, and she's also a kind of mother, I mean, for me, she must be at least 35 yo, she's what I call a "woman woman".

But I needed time to study the cahracter and integrates all that ! Because when I started, I wanted to represent her as an amazon. You know in greek antiquity, the amazon were said to cut one of their breast to be better archers ? They are tough girls lol !!! So my first Diana was a kind of commando fitness model lol... I represented her running bare feet ! She was too much amazoniac !!! :) )

Afterthat, I wanted to make her look like an american actress I like a lot, Lake Bell, so I gave her some Ms Bell characters. But I obtained a too much young character.

In fact, I looked after a little part of masculinity in her, but after several trying, I understood I would'nt been able to evoke the other side of her personality : compassion. Then I walked back and study again !

I don't know if you have ever heard the little fan proverb : "when you have a doubt, look to Ross !" In fact, I have looked at the work of many artist I like : Adam Hughes, Terry and Rachel Dodson, JG Jones, and of course, master Alex Ross I'm a huge fan (who's not ?). And it seems I share with Mr Ross a similar point of view about the age of Diana. He seems to always represent her as what I called some lines ago a "woman woman". And I think it's the good direction if you want to represent her compassion and this mother feeling. It's not a hasard if she has been chosen to represent the help for women in distress and child care ! Even if I know someone who could explain to us, there is a big kind of sexual content, especcially masochism in the original creation, but whatever, she represents compassion, and peace. Even if she can use violence ! I don't think a real pacifist is a person who never defends himself. I think she's been right to kill Max Lord for example lol.... but it's another story.

Manu Mane a dit…

So if you look at my most recent WW drawings, you may notice I draw her like a 35-42 yo woman (exception : Diana Secret which has been done previously), and I would say, a little thick, not fat, but strong and soft at the same. And I give her a woman's face and not a teen or a young adult's one. Then I think I have found my Wonder Woman, I think it's a convenient vision of the character.

An other important point for me, is that I always try to draw seductive women, but I never go till this kind of vulgarity you can find a lot in comics now. I'll never draw Diana or Kara as bitches ! I'm an old school illustrator, feed by Dick Giordano's works, and for me, seduction has no relation with size of boobs or butt. Period.

I hope all these long axplanations doesn't bore you because, I haven't a lot of comments from englishspoken people, so it's the opportunity to explain in english my way of conceiving the job ! : P

For this piece, I used a reference as for Kara : a pic from a 49 yo women, named Joelle, who's a mom and a fitness practiser. She's seriously absolutely beautiful, and when I saw her photoshoot I knew I had found my Diana ! So these are the shoulders, the arms, the breasts, the bust, the hips and the left thigh of Joelle ! Unfortunately, I haven't her number phone lol..... but she's perfect for the role !

Last detail, the lasso.... the lasso has been a nightmare.... it has driven me mad. I haven't been very creative on it, I've just inspired myself from the work of Mr Hughes and Mister Dodson.

Concerning the general view of the pic, I just tryed to distinguish between foreground and background by using two different inking tool (brush pen and felt tip), and I tryed to avoid scotching the birds to the island, as the best I could. I obtained the foreground poping in adding a yellow light layer between foreground and background. So the character and the birds seem to pop, and the island seem to be a little far and blurred. In fact, it's not blurred at all, and you can see the greek stuff and the little inhabitants....

John, I think I told you all ! Thanks for your comment and your interest for my work ! :) )