mardi 6 janvier 2009

Spider-Man, Spider-Man...... :) )

This is a first sketch for a Spider-Man I've promised to a friend of mine's son. I scarcely draw Spideman who's the most difficult-to-draw comic book hero, according to me. You must pay attention to the attitude, which must be acrobatic, strong, and flexible at the same time ! An exaggerated motion can be a good thing too, if the whole remains harmonious !

A main point I'd like to insist on with my workshop pupils is to breack the articulations ! Here, to strengthen Spidey's motion, I've bend his right whrist and his left foot, opened his left hand in the same way he would have done if he wanted to grab something, and applied the basic rule of the 3 axes (eyes, torso, and hips) which are turned on 3 different directions (but not too much !!!). Same story for the head which goes forward to strengthen the attitude.

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Spider-Man, copyright Marvel :)

2 commentaires:

ysope a dit…

Mireille ne semble pas avoir la même aisance que cette araignée là ! :)))

manumane a dit…

C'est pourtant vrai, par le fait !!! Peut-être faudrait-il qu'elle se fasse écraser par une godasse radio-active !!!! :D