samedi 25 juin 2011

Wonder Woman lasso, part II

Original 8,5 x 11/ Original A 4


Wonder Woman, copyright DC Comics :)

4 commentaires:

Jeff Lafferty a dit…

Nice piece Manu!!!

Manu a dit…

Thanks a lot, Jeff ! I like the result very much, but the shoulders seem a little too large regarding the rest of the body : (

In fact, I think the shoulders are correct, but the pelvis, the back, and the thigs aren't enough large. I often have problem with this area, and I need to improve my way of representing it. I read somewhere a common problem for young artists, is to render these areas like pelvis and neck, where two parts of the body join together, and must match. In fact, we often learn how to draw those parts separately, but we should not.

It frustrates me a lot, because I think the whole stuff is good. Or at least, is in the middle.

Ysope a dit…

Beau travail !
j'espère que la version couleur est prévue :)

Manu a dit…

Ouiiii, si je n'avais commencé une petite étude sur la chauve-souris ce soir, elle aurait déjà été faite ! C'est pour demain, donc après-demain ! :) )