dimanche 28 août 2011

Promenade, black & white :)

8,2 x 22,44/ 21 x 57 cmsThe Promenade of Themyscira, inked version :)

Pentel Brush, black felts, black marker, brush & white gouache, and a little CG to end.... I still don't know if it is the ultimate final version. I always work a long time on this kind of stuff, and I always have a big fun, so I might add, correct, or alterate one or two shades here and there :)

Or not ! : P

Coming back in september, Home of the Amazons :)

* * * * * * * *

Promenade de Thémyscira, version encrée :)

Stylo-pinceau Pentel, feutres noirs, marqueurs, pinceau & gouache blanche, et un peu de numérique pour terminer.... Je ne sais pas encore si ce sera la version finale. Je travaille toujours longtemps sur ce genre de trucs, et avec beaucoup de plaisir, donc je pourrais ajouter, corriger, ou modifier une ou deux ombres ici et là :)

Ou pas ! : P

Home of the Amazons revient en septembre ! :)

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Wonder Woman, copyright DC Comics :)

2 commentaires:

Jeff Lafferty a dit…

That's pretty incredible. I like the angle you did it at, adds a lot of drama.

Nice job Manu

Manu a dit…

Thanks brother ! :) )

This is the result of my obsession for diagonals, deep perspective, and rocked views ! It definately adds something to the scene, you're right !

Remember the serie Mission : Impossible ! They always had a rocked view in perspective, at the end of the episode, when the guys went away in the van ! And it's commonly used in comics as you know, but honestly, I'd like to make this as a speciality for me ! Here we are on a roof top or on a crane cam. Or we are a bird ! This kind of illustration is really the kind of things I'm interested in in comics ! :) )

Considering the whole page inked, and seing the global result, I wonder if I should not re-do two other panels, which are less creative than this one, in order to balance the whole page... I don't take as an absolute rule to put a strong perspective or a strong angle on each panel, but I think to push the things to the maximum is a part of our job... So I'm going to study the question before revealing the whole page.... Maybe I can add one or two diagonals here and there ! :) ) ) ) ) ) )