lundi 16 janvier 2012

Spider Woman Flying, part I

8,5 x 11 / A 4

Hello, hello ! I'm busy on my little cloud those days, doing my secret little things ! So, I haven't a lot of time to draw but, some days ago, I started this new Spider Woman piece. I have put the persp today...

I know I often draw Jess, and you might be fed up with that, but to draw her is very relaxing for me... lol.... By the way, if you want to see me drawing something that you want, well you can pay me ! I can accept commissions ! :) )

See you soon for the following... :)

* * * * *

Salut, salut ! Ces jours-ci, je suis assez occupé sur mon petit nuage, à faire mes petits trucs secrets ! Je n'ai donc pas beaucoup de temps pour dessiner, mais j'ai commencé cette nouvelle Spider Woman il y a quelques jours. J'ai mis la persp aujourd'hui...

Je sais que je dessine souvent Jess, et que vous en avez peut être assez, mais la dessiner est très relaxant pour moi... lol.... A propos, si vous voulez me voir dessiner ce que vous voulez, eh bien vous pouvez me payer ! Je peux accepter des commandes ! :) )

A bientôt pour la suite... :)

3 commentaires:

Jeff Lafferty a dit…

This ones looking great so far Manu.

Hope you get a bunch of commissions. What are you charging?

Manu a dit…

Jeff, I thank you because your question gives me the opportunity to explain to my english readers the way I work !

When I work as a comic workshop leader, in a day care center, a vacation center, a school, or a highschool, I take 45 euros/ hour VAT.

When I work as an illustrator for a company or an association, I take 90 euros VAT for a black and white illustration, and 110 euros VAT for a coloured one. If we talk about a comic, for a project of communication using a comic, I take 120 euros VAT by black and white pages, and 140 euros VAT by coloured pages.

Everything that concerns contracts and declarations to authorities is led with and by a cooperative company which runs these things with me. This solution permits me to avoid creating my own structure, which can be very difficult and very dangerous in my marvellous country.... So the cooperative runs the administrative stuff, the assurance, and I run my own activity, negociating and working with the client. The client pays the company, the company deals with accountancy, take 8 % if I remember (I should lol...), and gaves me my wages, and so on. So technically I am at the same time a salaryman (of this company), and a freelance ! Beyond these advantages, the cooperative permits a lot of activities, so you can find artists like me, computer programmers, various coaches, artisans, stylists, experts in communication... you can really find a lot of people doing a lot of different things ! We are 150 persons in the office of Marseille ! (Marseille is a big town in south of France, my city Aix en Provence is just above, and I'm born in Marseille), and in fact there are 5 or 6 offices in the south, and a big network in the country, and also in some other european countries. In fact, it's an alternative to the classical system of employment ! Because usually, people like us can't find any employment anywhere, because there is always something that doesn't match ! So we do the things by ourselves, and the inspiration is very political but in the good sense ! (you will find an english version on the right side).

To answer to your precise question, I can accept private commissions linked to superheroes for examples, but I have a problem to put a prize on them !

If my commissioner is french, I can easily put a prize which will include a subjective price for my job, and an objective prize for the sending which can be reasonable. But if I am commissioned by an other european or someone from overseas, the prize can fastly grow up due to the sending charges ! So it can cost a lot to me, then a lot to the commissioner ! If I was known and very experimented, I wouldn't be a problem, but at the moment, I'm just a ninja artist ! :) Even in France, I am not edited, and I'm not in the "industry", so my little art has no specific value for collectors ^^ Maybe in the future, maybe not.

So I'm not sure it is worth to say "hey, commissions are open !", then I use my skills differently ! For example, I'll probably intervent in this french and swedish institute I talked about some days ago in a comment. I just need to wait for the confirmation, but I think and hope it will be okay. And I keep on proposing my services for communication projects, or workshops here and there, and I do have some others ideas I prefer to keep secret. But if someone asks me for a private superhero commission, or anything else, we can talk ! :)

Manu a dit…

Oh, just a thing I forgot lol.... when I need to move for a job, like my intervention in Brussels last spring, well obviously the client pays the move ! :)