dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Who ?

It's not the Doctor, no ! LoL....

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By the way, I think I should do a Doctor Who picture one day ! I don't know the show for a long time, but I'm a big fan of David Tennant's version ! :) )

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Jeff Lafferty a dit…

I had no idea getting paid over there was so complicated. Thanks for all the info Manu

Manu a dit…

Well, getting paid is not really complicated, in fact, but to find work can be really complicated, when you have no relations in any industry. To have relations is very important here ! For any kind of jobs ! Except the jobs no one wants to do. Like telemarketing for example lol....

A lot of artists really begin their career when they meet a mentor, or when they are introduced by someone (without any pun, even if sometimes it can help :) to someone else. When they have entered a group, they just complete their training in this group.

Of course, it's also a question of talent, and technique mastering ! It is absolutely normal if a trained young artist, who has studied art in artschool, who is gifted, and who works maybe much more than me, is recognized and obtains a job I can't obtain ! No problem with that at all ! I could make you discover some french confirmed or young artists who are real gods ! They deserve their success !

But, in the other hand, I'm sorry, but in France or in the US, a lot of craps are also published, and sometimes you wonder how the guy or the babe has done to be hired.... but, usually, it's a question of talent and mastering.

I know I must work and progress again on a lot of things, so I don't really complain, and I remain patient and calm ! I work at a level, and I suppose I'll go to the upper level when I am ready ! My real weakness is that I don't really have something to sell or to propose, like a project of comics for example. I do have an idea, something, and I could draw it, but I have problems to write it ! 8 /

At the moment, I spend more time offering my services here and there, as a freelance, or creating contacts, than drawing. I just try to increase the probabilities of findind out some clients for the whole year, and after I'll do some personal things. I'm not gifted for business, I just do my best, and I don't make a drama with all that. I do what I have to do, and I just don't care the rest....

I'm a Green Lantern, Fear does not rule my life, in any way ! I will succeed, or I will find a way to do something interesting for me, and useful for the others ! :)