jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Pour Charlie... (: |

Et un chaleureux merci à tous nos flics, soldats d'élite qui ont souvent un coeur gros comme ça, et autres protecteurs de la République, analystes ou hommes et femmes de terrain, de se dévouer et de se mouiller très concrètement pour nous tous !

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Utteru calls a dit…

Salute to those men and women who devote their whole life in nation's service. I really appreciate author's effort also for this post.
Call Mexico

Manu a dit…

Well said ! Concerning my post, that's not a big deal, I just have written a couple of lines. Charlie's victims were a lot more brave by keeping their posture under the threat.

For my own, I would have not drawn Prophet Mahomet caricatures, because I think we do have a responsability in what we do, and for me, it's not a good thing to do what can offense people or hurt them. We must respect other's culture or religion differences. So, I'm not okay at all with what Charlie's team has done.

But in the other hand, I respect their courage and their comitment, because what they had done can't justify a murder ! Whatever, they had risked their lives for their ideas, and this is a real bravery ! A post is nothing.

Thanks for your two comments, I have been glad to read someone's reaction. See u :)