mardi 2 février 2010

Diana : Strength and Majesty, pencil :)

Strength and Majesty

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Force et Majesté
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I'm satisfied because I reached to give her a soft looking althought her face is a few masculine on purpose.
A large jaw, a sharp shin, a little thick eyebrows, and a little strong nose....
The mouth is also large on purpose, I want a little ressemblance with Lake Bell, my future wife lol.... : P

* * * * * * * *
Je suis assez content parce que j'ai réussi à lui donner un air doux alors que son visage est volontairement assez masculin :)
Machoire large, menton pointu, sourcils un peu épais, et nez un peu fort....

La bouche est également large à desseins, je veux une petite ressemblance avec Lake Bell, ma future épouse lol.... : P

3 commentaires:

Linda Hammelman a dit…

I look forward to seeing more of Diana. I like how you defined her strength with the masculine face. At first I did not get it, but after your explanation, yes, it works!

Manu Mane a dit…

Hi Linda, and welcome on board ! I'm glad you enjoyed my Diana ! Yes I want to correct and add some details, so you can come back in two or three days and see the result :)

Your comment gives me the opportunity to explain my own vision in english, so thank you for that ! :)

When I draw a superheroic character, I try to give it the more realistic looking I can, drawing a person who's not a common one, but remaining in the human borders. You may meet this person in the street as I always tell.

Concerning Diana I'm focused on two points : she's a princess, so I must respect and valorize her dignity and a kind of majesty in the way she stands; and she's an amazon, who were extremely strong and resolute warrioress ! Did you know they cut one breast to be more comfortable with archery ? Isn't it a bit frightening ? (: O

Then I want "my" Wonder Woman to be a tough one, tone and resolute in action scenes, or soft but with this kind of nature we call in France "force tranquille" [quiet strength]. She is a kind person, so she can have these nice eyes, but she can kick one's butt till the moon if it's requested ! :) ) ) ) ) That's why I try to draw her like a kind of fitness model or like we call a nervous "thin cat".... She's definitely not a Walt Disney kind of Sissy....

This is the reason why my own choice is to forget the classic angelic face (even though I'm a HUGE fan of guys like Adam Hughes or Terry Dodson), and to give her a kind of masculine one, because I want to show this inner strength as you said. She's a mediterranean, a latin, a greek, and as a mediterranean myself, I know the importance of the woman in the house, in the family. And you can believe me, mediterranean women have a lot of personality ! A big character ! And even though they are very feminine and attractive, they can have a kind of male strength ! Or I mean a strength which is in general attributed to men, the precision isn't useless.... A good illustration are corsican women who are said to have balls ! And this is the way I want to draw our wonderful Diana.... :)

Manu Mane a dit…

And I would add a night with her must be unforgettable lol......