mardi 10 août 2010

Work in Progess : Thor Classic I

8,5 x 11/ A4
I had this french A4 canson sheet left, with something crappy on the recto. In order to avoid the waste, I decided to draw something on the verso, and chose this Thor, in one point perspective.

Then I told to myself it could be nice to add a new urban bottom, because I hadn't drawn any urban stuff since the last Supergirl..... and I really like to hand-make this kind of stuff. It was also the opportunity to work three points perspective too.... always a good idea to work on it ^^

I put the first two vanishing points into the image, just to see the kind of distorsion I'd obtain, and I drew the character in his old suit, because I prefer this old version to the newer, even if this actual newer is probably more convenient to an asgardian heroe :)

So this is more or less a basis or a first approach. Stay tuned for the following :)

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