jeudi 8 juillet 2010

WWDay 2010 - Triptyque, part II : Donna, Kara, and Diana


Both 8,5 x 11/ Deux A 4

These are the two parts of the triptype I mentioned previously. You already saw the first one the last week, if I remember well... Donna Troy flying up, and the second part as a flying study of Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

As I liked a lot the movement I did on this second part, I permit myself to trace over my study, to reproduce it on the original paper to send, because I thought I would be unable to do it again so well. After some little corrections, it gave what you can see tonight.

The thought of tonight is about the inner content of my way of drawing them. It came to my mind when I realized I'll have to draw a sexy stomach for Supergirl, and a sexy butt for Wonder Woman, which can be a little paradoxal when you consider this drawing is done for help the cause of women in real distress ! I mean who have been considered as sexual objects by a guy ! So I want to explain some things about it.

There's never intentional lack of respect against women in my way of drawing superheroines. I always try to make them as gorgeous as elegant, sexy and attractive but without any vulgarity in my mind. For me, they represent a kind of fictional ideal, and I consider them as archetypes. They do no represent my idea of the woman in general, they just can be a part of this idea, or some of the women, but not in terms of image ! This is the reason why I get angry when a girl friend of mine asks me if these drawings represent the women I like ! I call it bullshit because you can't compare yourself to fictional characters. But fictional characters can express some real behaviours. That makes them interesting to me.

Wonder Woman is a Princess with a big P, a diplomat, and a compassionate pacific warrior ! When I draw her, I want to represent a kind of 35-42 year old mother, who can kick your butt to the moon, but who has intelligence, universal love, and beauty in her eyes ! Not really Megan Fox doing her show off to get her fans excited lol..... Sorry Megan, do what you want, but you'll never be my Wonder Woman ! Anyway, I want Lake Bell as WW ! : P

Supergirl is young, positive, fresh, I think she must have illusions about life, I think she's optimistic, so I try to draw her in the same way, then the mini skirt is logical for me. But I don't see her as a really sexy character, I see her like a sportive girl ! An athletism champion, or something like this ^^

Instead of Donna Troy, who is - according to me - sexier and darker than the others. She's tougher than Diana, and can be very violent, which always surprises me when I read her adventures. She's not a mother for me, she's tone and muscled, with boobs lol you know what I mean ? :) ) She has suffered a lot, and she is like a kind of angry fitness model with silicone boobs, this is exactly what I mean ! :) )

If you bug them, Wonder Woman will surely stop you with her lasso, and negociate, and after, she'll educate you. Supergirl will leave you hooked on a street lamp, and forget you afterthat, going to do her girls stuff. And Donna Troy will just break your nose and say she'll break your both legs if you do it again ! :) )

This is the idea I try to represent when I draw them :) )

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