lundi 6 avril 2009

Perspective drawing part III : Black & White New York...

So this is the inked version of my background for the Spider-Man below... I posted it the 6th but I wasn't able to comment it till this evening (we're the 9th). The conference I went to monday afternoon was very interesting. Ysope and I had the pleasure to ear two great french authors : Mr Christophe Arleston and Mr Pierre Christin. We learnt a lot of things. I think we especcially enjoy the intervent of Mr Christin, who's an old writer, and the author of a french old comic book we love : "Valérian, Agent Spatio Temporel" [which means "Valerian, Space Time Agent"], which has become recently "Valérian and Laureline" because of the recognizing of the important feminine character, an old classic serie the penciller of which was the great great Jean-Claude Mézières, a very talented and creative comic book artist ! Do you realize Mr Mézières has inspired people like George Lucas or Luc Besson ? He's one of the pionners of Sci Fi comic strips, like Mr Moebius, or Mr Druillet.... well, so it was a great meeting !

Then I had no time to comment this post, anyway, I haven't a lot to comment. I just used a simple black ballpoint pen for the straight lines... didn't add or change anything more than the rough version. I just added a few reflects on the right building, but in a sober style. I'm not a FX expert, so I always prefer to remain humble and not to try spectacular things I could fail. An other reason is the fact I hadn't a lot of time to try things, this drawing is a gift I promised some months ago and I just have profited from a breaking in my work this week to finish it... as fast as I could.

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Désolé les gars, je n'ai pas envie de parler français ce soir : (

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ysope a dit…

What does "FX expert" means ?
(en espérant que j'ai les mots mis dans l'ordre bon ? ;-)))))

manumane a dit…

Il s'agit d'un spécialiste des effets spéciaux !!!! :D

"Special Effects" étant contracté en "Special FX" ou simplement "FX" :)

Je pense que ça doit être une tournure états-unienne...... :)