mercredi 8 avril 2009

Perspective drawing part IV : Background in color !

Here is a first test for a coloured version of the same background... Having printed it, I prefer to change the colour of the two buildings on the left foreground.... too much yellow and greenish at the same time.... I don't really dislike it on the screen, but something sounds bad on paper indeed... I think a light gray will be more appropriate, or at least more realistic : l

It has been a little difficult to determine which colours i will use. I worked on my new mobile computer so I hadn't the same vision of neither the colours nor the light. I think I'll need a little time to adapt myself, the choices of colors being a big part of my working.

As you can see, I've erased the advertising panel on the left, I wasn't satisfied by the final result. I'll just write the adress of this blog on it : P

2 commentaires:

ysope a dit…

Hi mister Manu :))
j'ai aperçu l'araignée hier soir qui filait au dessus des immeubles... :), elle doit pas être loin d'arriver à bon port...

manumane a dit…

Oui.... un piti problème de couleur à la dernière minute..... je pense qu'elle arrivera ce soir ! ^^

Araignée du soir, espoir :)